Hair V Go is a revolutionary professional alkaline hair removal treatment formulated to remove and reduce fine, fluffy and non-hormonal hair painlessly. Have you noticed downy hair on your face? Perhaps it seems more prominent in sunlight or when applying make-up it prevents a flawless finish. Hair V Go offers a progressive treatment to lessen, slow and inhibit hair growth.

Gradually the time intervals between treatments will increase with most clients eventually needing just a few maintenance treatments a year. Hair V Go may be used in conjunction with other technologies such as electrolysis and IPL.

Client aftercare is easy to follow and will help to achieve visible hair reduction.
Hair V Go

Upper lip – £35.00
Chin – £35.00
Sides of face – £35.00
Neck – £35.00
Full face – £65.00
Hair V Go Treatment Reduction Cream – £36.00

Treatment time approximately 30 mins. A patch test is required.