Advanced Electrolysis

It is now safe and easy to remove those blemishes and imperfections that never seem to go away with advanced electrolysis. Red veins, milia, blood spots, sebaceous hyperplasia, skin tags and more can be easily treated leaving you with a clear complexion.

The treatment consists of pulses of high frequency current that coagulate and or dehydrate the vessels and spots that cause the blemish. It is safe and quick and in most instances immediate correction is noticeable.

An initial consultation is necessary before treatment. This includes a test patch.

I did not realise how straightforward it was to get rid of those annoying red spots on my chest area, I wished I had it done sooner!

Mrs W, Hook.


What does blemish removal feel like?

Most clients tolerate blemish removal well. It does depend on the blemish, where it is located and sensitivity of the client. If necessary a local numbing cream can be purchased before treatments to aid client comfort.

What causes skin blemishes?

There can be a varied number of reasons that cause skin blemishes such as genetic predisposition, environmental, individual health and skin regimes.

Can blemishes be removed completely?

Yes, they can. However some may only get an improvement depending on the blemish.

How long does the treatment take?

Treatments are carried out in 15 min blocks. Larger areas may require several appointments.

What areas can I have treated?

The face, neck and chest are the most common treatment areas with the exception of verrucae of the feet.


Skin Blemish Removal by advanced electrolysis

Consultation – £25.00

15 mins – £35.00

30 mins – £55.00