The gentle way to 100% permanent hair removal

Apilus offers a modern approach to a tried and tested method that is over 100 years old - advanced technology with proven effectiveness to deliver a more comfortable treatment with much more rapid results than other electrolysis systems. Thanks to its powerful circuits entirely controlled by computer, Apilus offers electrologists pinpoint precision and perfect settings to guarantee the results you seek.

Apilus is also equipped with a unique tolerance test, which allows the unit to be adjusted and adapted to the your level of sensitivity to the current. Apilus high precision circuitry uses application pulses as short as one thousandth of a second, which assures incomparable comfort.

Electrolysis is still the only permanent method of hair removal today despite claims from other methods.

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1What does electrolysis feel like?
Most clients are pleasantly surprised as the Apilus electrolysis systems are much more comfortable than other machines. There is a slight feeling of warmth when the current is applied but it is usually brief. The methods used are adjusted to the most comfortable for the client.
2How long does the treatment take?
This depends on many factors such as the size of area to be cleared, hair type, location and density of hair growth. Sessions may take between 10 minutes to two hours. Most areas take a year or more to treat, this is because it takes that long for all hairs to appear in their cycle. Hormonally induced hair growth such as facial hair in women will also take a long time period as the slightly elevated levels of androgen trigger hair growth.
3What causes unwanted hair?
There are varied causes including hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, stress, certain medications, hereditary factors, ethnicity and some diseases that may cause unwanted hair growth.
4Reappearing hair - does it really work?
Yes it does! I see it over and over again but clients that give up after a few months sometimes stop treatments because they see hairs still coming and feel it cannot be working. Each square inch of skin contains several hundred hair follicles but only a certain amount of these follicles are in an active hair growth cycle. The remaining follicles can grow at any time depending on the hair growth cycle and the causes of excess hair in each individual. A few chin hairs that are plucked out daily can mean that they are actually 30 or more hairs taking turns to grow! The good news is that each area of the body has a set amount of hair follicles and once most or all of the active hair follicles are successfully treated the excess hair problem is basically completed.
5What about laser/IPL treatments?
Electrolysis treats each hair follicle individually with a needle to permanently stop another hair growing. Laser tends to treat large areas of skin using a laser or light-based lamp which can stop hair growing for several months before another treatment is needed, hence it is called hair reduction rather than removal. Laser/IPL is generally sought when a reduction only is desired but electrolysis is the better option for when complete removal is the preferred outcome.
6What will my skin look like after treatment?
Skin may be slightly red, which will subside. Some people show little effects of post treatment electrolysis. Body treatments may display tiny pinprick scabs and may take longer to heal than the facial areas. After care advice will be given at your consultation. Correctly performed electrolysis will not result in scarring or pitting. Keeping your skin in good condition is a joint commitment, which will give you the best results and treatment experience possible.
7What areas can I have treated?
Most areas of the body can be treated - I do treat the traditional bikini line shape but I do not treat genitalia and hair inside the nose or the ear.


Apilus electrolysis per area*

Consultation – £15.00

10 mins (minimum charge) – £15.00

20 mins – £22.00

30 mins – £32.00

40 mins – £42.00

60mins – £55.00

*(upper lip, chin and neck are classed as one area) A diamond symbol at each price would look nice.